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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services Company Surat India

Search engine optimization (SEO) Services – SEO company Surat India. SEO Agency Storetopper SEO EXpert provides best SEO services in India. Getting a state of the art website made is only half of the work done. If you want to attract users you need to ensure that the website is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) friendly. This is a continuous process which needs to be done as long as you maintain a website. Whatever is uploaded to the website needs to be SEO friendly, even down to the way it has been coded. You need to understand one thing-whenever someone searches for content or services on the internet, they will surely click the first link that they get on the search engine (Google). SEO is a type of marketing strategy; you can say it is one of the most crucial marketing strategies that are needed, without which your aim for marketing is surely going to be difficult to achieve.

Search Engine Optimisation services include a host of tactics, methods, and procedures to ensure the machine-readable algorithms of the search engines are able to grasp the main objectives of the websites and that there can be easy searches to the website. SEO firm Store Topper provides all tyle best SEO services like local SEO services, top SEO, SEO optimization, outsource SEO, SEO audit, SEO training surat, SEO plan, SEO service provider, SEO marketing, SEO search engine optimization, SEO Services India, SEO Company India at affordable prices in Silverstone Arcade, Beside D-Mart, Causeway Road, Singanpore, Katargam, Surat, Gujarat India.

Use of Search engines today

  • Almost three-quarters of people used a search engine to find about local businesses as against one-fourth of people who still relied on yellow pages
  • Most people nowadays use search engines for finding any kind of data online
  • Almost 95% of the searches check only the first page of results
  • About 40% of the traffic for a particular result goes to the top-ranked page
  • Only 7% of online experiences do not begin with a search engine
  • More than one-third of all customers come from search engine results.

White Hat SEO

There are many techniques which can be used to get a numerous ranking on a search engine. There is a big difference in using gradual and organic methods or ‘white hat’ SEO practices and using deceptive and misleading techniques to get the best ranking only for a limited period of time in a process called ‘black hat’ SEO search engine optimization.

White Hat SEO techniques

  1. Content Management- We can all vouch for it-content is king’. A well written, structured, easy to read and easy to understand content can be the difference between missed opportunities and increased sales due to online inquiries.
  2. Using logical markup- A single paragraph of content as opposed to a logical and detailed description with a lot of headings, points, and tables, which would you like to read? The search engines too will always rank the latter higher in search engine rankings
  3. Meta Data and Titles- Meta Descriptions and Meta titles have been misused for so long that they aren’t considered important enough for SEO. However, they are still important for ensuring better rankings and as mentioned before for logical titles in the content.
  4. Effective Keyword use and keyword research- It is essential to write the content around a few popular keywords through which people will search for your website. Each page of the content has to be written keeping 2-3 keywords in mind.
  5. Good quality inbound links-You need to ensure that the links from your website to other websites are relevant to your content and that they are working well. If there are any bad links then that can have an effect on your search engine rankings.

Benefits of SEO

Value for money

Just getting a website made doesn’t guarantee you increased sales. Optimizing your website actually reluctant buyers make a decision, so make your website a tool for sale. In other words, your SEO friendly website acts like a sales person for your business.

Cost Effective Marketing Strategy

Getting an SEO friendly website is now the primary way to attract customers- it is the first preference to spend on marketing your product. The website should not just sell the product but should help potential customers understand the product and see how it can be useful for them. Once you are sure about your website is getting the good amount of users,  then you can market your product elsewhere.

Increased traffic= more opportunities for your business

As mentioned before almost everyone searches for a service or a product through a search engine. With appropriate keywords, tags, and titles, because of this the chances of getting more people to visit the website increases- this is the first step in getting more inquiries and eventual conversions for your business.

SEO Services Techniques

  • Content Management
  • Using logical mark up
  • Meta Data and Titles
  • Effective Keyword use and keyword research
  • Good quality inbound links